Between the two of us, we have more than 25 years of advertising agency experience and are both currently in senior management roles within a large agency. 

We have worked with blue-chip, SME and start-up business sizes, in both global network and independant agency structures, developing digital marketing and paid media strategies for clients and partners in many different countries.

Regardless of the business size, there is a constant need at all levels for education and a better understanding of digital marketing. We have taught c-suite exectives during digital transformation, we've trained in-house teams and have educated and helped small business owners who have never tried digital advertising or online marketing.

The COVID pandemic accelerated people to shift towards digital marketing channels and solutions. After being approached by many friends and family for help, we couldn't help everyone in our spare time and searched for a solution that didn't cost an arm and a leg, or take weeks to implement. We found nothing suitable and decided to craft a toolkit to show people how to do what we do. Soon after, RADS Academy was established.

We believe we've created the only Google Advertising course online that is practical and hands-on for the student to quickly get started with the knowledge and skills to manage their own campaigns. What makes our course unique is that it includes all Google Ads channels with the valuable bonus of implementing a complete digital tracking solution too with Google Analytics. We've put everything together in one simple package for people to apply and save money.   

Our purpose is to empower people through this course to set up and take control of their own Google advertising campaigns, to help grow their brands and businesses.