How Will This Help You?

Step-by-step guide with relevant theory, practical examples and much more

  • Do Google Ads yourself, full control

  • Increase reach, awareness or leads

  • Action in hours, not weeks, save time

  • Track digital campaigns and optimise

  • Boost your online marketing results

We'll walk you through every step of the process:

  • Google Ads

    Add keywords, easily create ads and target your audiences across Google's advertising network.

  • Google Analytics

    Track your website, create your own conversions and remarketing audiences, integrate with Google Ads.

  • Google Tag Manager

    Manage your tracking in one place, gain a competitive advantage with these digital marketing tools.

What Can You Expect?

Google Ads: Search, banners and YouTube

Quickly get presence on Google search results

Build or upload banners (free images available)

Promote your YouTube videos

Learn and link Google Analytics

Three Easy Steps to Advertising Online

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  • Start Advertising

    You'll have access to the course material for one year and a lifetime thereafter with new skills.


"Your attention to detail and succinct course material got us started quickly and achieving a successful outcome within a few weeks. Google Analytics was a massive value-added bonus"

- Liesl, Exclusive Rentals

"It's well thought out and easy to follow. I particularly appreciated the extra information to understand the details behind the approach, while building my Google Ads campaigns. I now have the know-how I was looking for."

- Louise, Account Director

"I implemented what I was learning on a friend's business and we were able to optimise her ad spend. This course will pay for itself with the money you save on your ads."

- Darryl, Senior Finished Artist and Retoucher

Why Choose RADS Over Other Google Courses?

  • Channels

    Not just Search. Includes the Google Display Network and YouTube, plus additional Google tracking products.

  • Learning

    You won't only be shown how to do it, you will be guided from start to finish, with your best interests at heart.

  • Takeaway

    Not just a certificate. You will have simultaneously learnt and built your own accounts, ready for launch.

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